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  The Prophet of Allah (s.w.t)



His name is Mohammed, mercy upon mankind
Born in the Holy city of Makkah he came to this world
He was honest and truthful all the time
He was good to the elder and to the young he was kind
When he grew older he migrated to Madinah to live
Away from the ignorance of his people, he hid
He was married to Khadija, a great woman
She supported him in his beliefs and was a good friend
Mohammed often went to a cave called Hira to think
To find the truth about all things
He, Mohammed did not believe
In the wrong his people did that caused mischief
While he was in the cave one night
A light suddenly appeared,so bright
It was the angel Jibra'eel who had come to him
And asked Mohammed to read in the name of the Lord
Who created the universe and all within
The book of Allah Almighty, so true and divine
Was given to Mohammed, the last Prophet ever to be
To spread the message line-by-line
He spoke to the disbelievers so they could see
That there was only one God to believe
He who created the moon,stars,and earth
And all of mankind from mounds of dirt
Prophet Mohammed preached to them about the relegion,Islam
Which was all about peace
Goodness and piety did it teach
He told them to stop worshipping the idols of clay
Who did not see,hear,or say
Allah the greatest is the only one there to care
In times of danger,adversity,and despair
Mohammed (pbuh) was mocked and made fun of
By those who despised his teachings that taught compassion and love
He tried to warn them,tried to be fair
Told the disbelievers that the punishment of Allah (swt) would be hard to bear
And those who accepted his words would be glad
They will live in the gardens of Paradise and never be sad
The Prophet's great love for his people, he went on striving
Wanting the best for them he kept on thriving
He delivered the message of Allah the Most Great
Hoping that his Ummah would forever continue on this beautiful faith...Islam



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