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As you shrouded them in simple white calico
And made them fragrant with the perfume of Kafoor (1)
As you lay their precious bodies in a bed of rich, warm, soil
Take solace from the knowledge that many have done so before you
And many more will do so after, too

Their faces were radiant, no doubt you saw,
Their sleep so peaceful, they'll know pain no more
Radiant, lustrous, perhaps joyful too
Yes, they loved you, indeed it's true
But to their Beloved they return
A blissful Garden, have they earned
To dwell therein forever, what joy, what utter bliss

The Prophet too (SAW) lay Khadija, Ebrahim, Qasim, Zainab and Hamza, all dear to his blessed heart
In their final resting place, grieved that it was finally time to part
As tears fell from his blessed eyes, they washed over his aching soul
A balm for his wounded heart
He hoped for reward, as should you too
From Allah , Most High, whose wisdom
Defies comprehension
Whose reward defies calculation

Your grief has driven peace from mine own restless heart
But Sabr (2) for someday you too will depart
To join them in that garden on high
So take courage even though you can't help but sigh
And know that Allah and the passage of time too
Will work to heal your broken heart
At the loss of so many, so dear to you
And you'll smile again, that beautiful smile
And it will reach your eyes, your soul, your heart
And you'll know that they're happy
And you'll be happy too
And a gracious reward from Allah will be waiting for you

1.camphor      2.patience



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