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  Ramadan is here



Ramadan Is Here.

Another year has gone its here again,
the most sacred of months has returned,
Ramadan is here, Ramadan is here!!!
The Saytans are gone, the fasting is here,
we have no excuses not to be forgiven this year,

We need to refrain from lying and cheating,
Backbiting and smoking, eating and drinking,
and need to engage in Salah and Fasting, Dawah and  
Zikr, Quran and Zakah.

We must open our hearts seeking forgiveness,
not merely from raising our hands and uttering “forgive me"
but with the tears from of our eyes, and the sincerity of our hearts,

We have to make time to clear our sins, as Allah (SWT) is the Most Merciful and Forgiving.

Ramadan is here, we must pray our sins disappear



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