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  My Way Back



There was a young girl,
She loved Allah.
She didn't know why,
Just how much.

She talked to Him when she was lonely,
Knowing He was the One and Only.

Why, she wondered, do people fight?
When everyone knows what's right?
Why do those who should love each other,
Lie and manipulate their brother?

She thought of Allah as her best Friend,
And knew He'd listen until The End.
She wanted to please Him and do what's right,
and be surrounded by His light.

But as this bud grew into a flower,
She realized people too have power.
Power to cloud your way of thinking,
And soon she felt her Iman sinking.

Although on the outside she went along,
On the inside she was still strong.
She knew Allah was just waiting,
For the right time for her awakening.

Alhamdulillah, the love for Him was always there.
Although it was in need of repair.
One day she decided to make her Hajj.
And make Allah her only Judge.

So a New Muslim she became,
And again began to praise His name.

I thank Allah from the bottom of my heart,
And thank the Teacher that gave me my new start.
May Allah bless you, you know who you are.
You have my Dua, whether I'm near or far.

"Ya Allah, keep me on the straight path,
And not the way that earns Your wrath.
Forgive me for the mistakes I've made,
Let me walk with patience, on the path You've laid.
Help keep my intention to please only You.
And keep my Iman as it was, when I was new."



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