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  Finally Free



With so much wind
And so much rain
And so many storms
With added pain

We have a will
We have a life
We have a chance
To make things right

We can leave
In a heated rush
And lash out slander
To even it up

Or we can step back
And realize
Every heart

On its own orbit
On its own plane
With its own moons
Yet alike and the same

No one will see
Unless they consider
No eyelid will move
No wiseman will whisper

No ear will hear
No heart will feel
No soul will rise
Unless its clear

And to be told
Makes no difference
One has to travel
Gain experience

We are not here
To watch over men
But to submit
To stop and listen

To hold a child's hand
And let the child lead
To know your truth
And be finally freed



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